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In addition to providing clinical testing of samples using the established NewGene test portfolio, the company is also able to work with other organisations to provide the specialist clinical testing services they require to support their activities.

A wide range of sample types can be processed using nucleic acid assays which can be either commercially available off-the-shelf CE-IVD kits or custom assays, developed on a client-specific basis and then provided as Laboratory Developed Tests. Reporting options range from return of tabulated data to the client for further processing to full clinical interpretation by NewGene clinical geneticist staff.

Advertising and availability of specialist assay services can be governed by varying degrees of exclusivity as suits the preference of the client.

In contrast to custom research assay development and provision, in which projects generally have defined end points, specialist clinical testing services are provided on an ongoing and open-ended basis for as long as the client wishes them to be and are charged on a per-sample basis.

Currently NewGene is working with several companies to provide specialist testing solutions to support their business objectives in clinical areas including pharmacogenomics and oncology.

Case study: TALIAZ

TALIAZ is an innovative AI personalised medicine company that has harnessed its proprietary scientific models, to design a clinical-centric bespoke platform, branded Predictix, enabling the transformation of data (genetic, demographic and health records) into decision support tools for doctors. Predictix empowers doctors with information that enables them to make informed choices when prescribing therapies for patients.

Predictix’s first application is for the world's leading health burden (WHO) - Depression

Via a friendly and non-invasive procedure, the Predictix algorithmic matrix analyses demographic data and the individual patient's genetic and health history, producing a personalised report that includes statistical predictions on the efficacy of specific antidepressants on the patient and its possible side effects. The Predictix report can be managed by the doctor as a decision support tool prior to prescribing antidepressants. Predictix Anti Depressants was developed subject to a strategic collaboration agreement with the NIH (National Institute Health, USA) and includes the analysis of raw data from STAR*D (the largest ever study on depression therapies).

The Predictix holistic evaluation of the patient’s likely response to various categories of antidepressant medication is intended to increase the percentage of patients who experience relief from their symptoms using the first medication prescribed, rather than being forced to work through a range of treatments sequentially before discovering an effective therapy.

To support Taliaz Health, NewGene have created a custom genetic analysis assay which determines the genotype of a patient at a number of SNPs, plus a gene copy number variation.

Buccal swab samples, collected from patients during consultation with clinical psychiatrists (or GPs), are sent by the Predictix AI system for processing at the NewGene laboratory in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. DNA is extracted and analysed, and genotype results transmitted to the Predictix AI system for algorithmic interpretation. TALIAZ then issues the Predictix reports - antidepressant sensitivity clinical decision support analysis.

Processing turn-around-times are 5 working days or less from sample receipt to data report.

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